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Jerry Jazz Musician: Thelonious Monk’s Moods

Jerry Jazz Musician: John Coltrane’s Cancer

Voice Male Magazine: What a Wonderful World?

Nine Cloud Journal: We Were Too Young to be That Old

Bethesda Magazine (Poetry Contest: 2nd Place): Notes from Underground

Exterminating Angel: Peregrination

Written in Arlington (Anthology): Memorial Day

Rough Cut Press: Why the Car Horn is the Perfect Metaphor for Capitalism

Sequestrum: Howlin’ Wolf’s Arena, Bud Powell’s Brain, Sun Ra’s Spaceship 

Triggerfish: Overtaking a jogger, by bike, on Martha’s Vineyard, As Opposed to Prayer

The New Verse News: Wake

Burningword Literary Journal: Charles Mingus’s Miracle (Pushcart Prize nominated)

Carbon Culture Review: My Wife’s Scars, Night Shift, Incursion, Gatlato el Rijla

Panoply: Liz Taylor’s Talents

Beltway Poetry Quarterly: Work Song

Poetry Matters Project: Work-in-Progress

People’s Tribune: The Voices in Your Head

Sport Literate: Joey Kocur’s Fist

Blotterature: Kurt Vonnegut’s Cigarettes

Linden Avenue: Charles Bukowski’s Bounty

Five:2:One Journal: Charlie Parker’s Premonition

Gyroscope: To the ones that got away

Literary Juice: One-Way Conversation with a Crow

Shot Glass Journal: Intimation

Empty Mirror: Where the Hell is Shafi Hadi?


PopMatters Archives

The Weeklings Archives

Exterminating Angel Magazine: Backs to the Future

Exterminating Angel Magazine: Liability

Medium: New World Man, An Appreciation of Neil Peart

PopMatters: Sitting on Top of the World: An Appreciation of Ginger Baker

PopMatters: Ric Ocasek, Just What We Needed

PopMatters: I Like to Re-Watch or, Movies on My Mind

PopMatters: Why Dead Man is Jim Jarmusch’s Masterpiece

Memoir Magazine: Hard To Get Over Lonely People

The Weeklings: Participation Trophy Politics

The Weeklings: Tiny Crowds, Tiny Hands vs. Huge Crowds, Huge Hearts

The Weeklings: Cheer Up, Trump Haters: It’ll Get Worse!

The Weeklings: The Dems Can’t Win if They Won’t Fight

The Weeklings: Thom Jones, The Pugilist at Rest (in Peace)

The Weeklings: Do Atheists Dream of Electric Sheep?

The Weeklings: Rich Assholes Paying No Taxes is Unpatriotic


The Weeklings:  David Bowie, The Man Who Owned the World

The Weeklings: Bernin for You

The Weeklings: Hard To Get Over Lonely People

PopMatters: Reassessing Black Sabbath’s Unholy Trinity

Elephant Journal: On Loving & Losing Man’s Best Friends

The Weeklings: O’Connor and Coltrane: Saints of American Art

PopMatters: The 25 Best Classic Progressive Rock Albums

PopMatters: Edgar Allan Poe’s 10 Best Stories

The Weeklings: Over/Under the Volcano

Salon: On Losing Faith and Finding Myself

The Weeklings: Punch Drunker: The 50 Greatest Movie Fights of All Time

The Quivering Pen: My First Time

The Next Best Book Blog: Where Writers Write

The Weeklings: Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

The Weeklings: The 50 Greatest Hockey Enforcer Names of All Time

The Weeklings: April 15, 1985: The Fight

The Weeklings: In Defense of Stephen King

The Weeklings: Sorry, Charlie

The Weeklings: What We Talk about When We Talk about Sex (in Fiction)

The Weeklings: The Problem with The Homeless Problem

The Weeklings: The Power of Political Narrative Part One (GOP)

The Weeklings: The Power of Political Narrative Part Two (DEMS) 

Punchnel’s: Mellow My Mind, or A Lesson in Life Imitating Art

Elephant Journal: Sanctuary, A Path Through Grief

PopMatters: We’ve Seen This Movie Before –Making Sense of Philip Seymour Hoffman

PopMatters: Bright Moments Past: On Music and Loss

Punchnel’s: A Spy in the House of Love

CEA Digital Dialogue: The Intersection of Art and Innovation: Looking at the Music and Book Industries 



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When I started Sean’s book, I read a section and said to myself, ‘I’m going to email Sean to tell him how amazing that sentence is.’ Then as I read a little further I thought, ‘No, I’m going to email Sean to tell him what an amazing depth of knowledge and perception he’s giving us.’ And then, yes, you got it, on the very next page he wrote something that made me think, ‘His Mom is looking down on Sean with unending love for what he just wrote. This is one amazing book!

– May 27, 2015

Donald R. Gallehr, Director Emeritus, Northern Virginia Writing Project