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Video: First Reading


As they say, “pics or it didn’t happen”…

Well, we’ve started to put some pics and video up: go check it out at the “Media” tab.

Here is a video clip from the first reading (kudos to my wonderful nephew Anthony for the steady hands)!

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Speak Your Mind


When I started Sean’s book, I read a section and said to myself, ‘I’m going to email Sean to tell him how amazing that sentence is.’ Then as I read a little further I thought, ‘No, I’m going to email Sean to tell him what an amazing depth of knowledge and perception he’s giving us.’ And then, yes, you got it, on the very next page he wrote something that made me think, ‘His Mom is looking down on Sean with unending love for what he just wrote. This is one amazing book!

– May 27, 2015

Donald R. Gallehr, Director Emeritus, Northern Virginia Writing Project