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Sean Murphy has been publishing fiction, reviews (music, movie, book, food), and essays on the technology industry for almost twenty years (check him out on NPR, HERE). Visit our News pages for video of his book readings and his ongoing video-casts concerning the interaction of technology and art. He has been quoted in USA TodayThe New York TimesThe Huffington Post and AdAge. He’s an associate editor of the amazing literary website He blogs at and writes regularly for PopMattersHis work has also appeared in Salon, The Village Voice, The Good Men Project, All About Jazz, AlterNet, Web Del Sol, Elephant Journal, New York Post and Northern Virginia Magazine. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his story “No Tengo a Nadie”.

Murphy is currently the writer-in-residence at the Noepe Center for Literary Arts on Martha’s Vineyard. He studied English at George Mason University and has an MA in Literature. One of his thesis papers dealt with the utopian impulse in ’70s rock which, depending upon one’s perspective, at least partially explains why he opted not to purse that PhD in Cultural Studies. He’s finishing a book on all-things prog rock, inspired by his ongoing series “The Amazing Pudding” at PopMatters.

His novel, and Amazon hot new release, Not To Mention A Nice Life was published in June 2015. His best-selling memoir, Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone was published in 2013. The first installment of his four-volume collection of non-fiction, Murphy’s Law Vol. One is now available. He is presently at work on another novel. Visit his Amazon page, here.

He’s had the opportunity to speak with some of the more incredible musicians and writers of our time, including: Vernon Reid (Living Colour); Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys); Burning Spear; Aram BajakianSteve Howe (Yes); Jon Madof (Rashanim, Zion80); Sue Mingus (Mingus Big Band); Jenna BlumSteve GoodwinAdrienne MillerCharles Salzberg; and Carolyn See.

Not to Mention a Nice Life

Amazon Hot New Release! Not To Mention a Nice Life

please talk about me when i'm gone

Best Selling Memoir. Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone










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Sean Murphy's NOT TO MENTION A NICE LIFE offers a voice rarely seen -- that whisper of human suffering that comes from an insular heart. It's as if the photo negative suddenly spoke, and claimed to be the real image, the real person behind the living color and magnetism of what we find in our everyday moment-to-moment existence. As Byron moves into and through his "Terrible Thirties," and the dot-com. boom of wild heights and terrifying drops, we move with him... but we also get to watch, and be that cautious eye which only has to watch, and doesn't have to be. Which is both blessing and curse in this romp of Americana, half FIGHT CLUB, half CATCHER IN THE RYE for the middle-aged. Regardless, I'm hooked -- and want to stay that way.

-Jesse Waters, author of Human Resources

May 26, 2015